Sourced From the Finest Farms

To assure the best quality, PPM Gold Spices are imported from the best spice-growing regions.

Packed Hygienically

PPM Gold spices are packaged with cutting-edge machinery to minimise human interaction.


Low Temperature Grinding. LTG makes sure that the spice retains its inherent oils and flavours better.

PPM Gold
Red Chilli
Red chilli powder is an important ingredient for preparing chutneys, curries, gravies and sauces. It adds texture, colour, spice and punch to Indian food to enhance the taste, flavour and look of the dish. PPM Red Chilli powder made by Low Temperature Grinding Technology.
PPM Gold
Turmeric Powder
Catch Turmeric Powder is a balanced combination of pure quality, richness and strong aroma. It goes through stringent quality control to ensure that it does not contain any adulteration. Turmeric is not only restricted in the culinary world but has many medicinal and other uses.

100% Natural

We care about what you eat. 
We do not use preservatives or any artificial elements.

No Chemical Added

If you separate Masala from Indian dishes, it would collate to separating Soul from the Body.

We have a Masala for Every Taste



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Pure Masale
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The Company has been registered as an exporter by Govt Of India and is AN ISO 22000 : 2005 Certified Company.

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